Promo App, what is that?

Promo App is the all new app available for the advertising hungry commercial world.

It promotes your enterprise and others associated to your business.

Its costs, is very low or are nothing.

These are not monthly fees, these are once of fees. So no contracts.

Although you get the app install instructions you have to spread the Promo App to your customers, via a letter or inclusive with invoicing or in the newspaper or as give away. Then the work is done, Don’t worry the updating will be done automaticly, so you don’t need to worry about the app any further.

What does it cost you?

For the original 11 page Promo App make up: ¬†R 500.00 paid up front, this gives you your own PROMO APP carrying your name, one page “What is promo App” and one page for your company plus 10 empty pages for other associated businesses.

The associated businesses each pay youR 100.00 or more, once only, out of which I receive R 50.00 and you keep R 50.00 or more.

Any further costs?

Oh yes, you or the associated businesses have to pay for alterations, changes,  additional pages, pictures

How Much?

R 100.00 per item once only out which R 50.00 is paid to me and R50.00 is paid to you

Well I am amazed you haven’t contacted me yet at¬†